Momentum Metropolitan Health proudly supports the Delft Community in partnership with Western Cape Health Department

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Momentum Metropolitan Health is proud to announce the relaunch of the Hello Doctor Tele-Triage service at the Delft Community Health Centre in the Western Cape.

As a people first organisation, Momentum Metropolitan Health’s purpose is to offer more health to more South Africans for less. “Our ongoing alliance with government departments across South Africa supports our strategy to create more access to quality healthcare services through solutions that assist in solving our country’s unique healthcare challenges,” explains Kelly Manzini, Executive Head at Metropolitan Health Group.

The importance of public private partnerships cannot be disputed and the need for greater access to quality healthcare services in communities across the country must be prioritised. “We identified the community of Delft as a focus because it presented with a considerable gap in the delivery of quality healthcare services to residents. As such, we relaunched the Hello Doctor Tele-Triage programme alongside Dr Nomafrench Mbombo, Western Cape Government Health and Wellness Minister, as well as various government stakeholders yesterday at the Delft Community Health Centre following its massive success in alleviating pressure and high patient numbers at the clinic,” says Manzini.

Hello Doctor has established a sustainable way to bring healthcare to more people across the country, by leveraging the fact that approximately 38.8 million South Africans have mobile phones; 25.5 million of which are smartphones. The Tele-Triage service has already been piloted in several primary healthcare clinics and has proven to be a resounding success as it provides immediate access to healthcare services at no cost to community members.

Since its implementation, a considerable decrease in unnecessary consultations, with fewer people presenting with minor ailments, has been achieved. Furthermore, operations have improved drastically at the clinic, creating more capacity for staff to assist critically ill patients who require in-person treatment.

“This partnership, along with our company’s capabilities and management competence, gives us the ability to work together towards the much needed and widely anticipated universal access to healthcare for all South Africans. In addition, we believe that this is a step in the right direction taking into consideration how the Hello Doctor Tele-Triage service has positively impacted residents of the Delft community,” says Manzini.

Momentum Metropolitan Health remains committed to establishing effective systems and policies that ensure all members of society have access to quality healthcare through strategic partnerships with government departments and stakeholders.

“It is apparent that the healthcare sector is facing significant reform. As the industry evolves, we believe that we have a critical role to play in establishing the future of healthcare in South Africa by producing and implementing sustainable solutions that address key challenges and usher in a new era for the sector,” concludes Manzini.

About Kelly Manzini, Executive Head at Metropolitan Health Group

Kelly Manzini was an EAPA SA Board Member from 2004 – 2017 and elected as President in 2017 where he co-authored the EAP Standards (SA). Kelly holds behavioural sciences and post graduate business studies qualifications, with over 22 years’ experience designing and implementing EAP and wellness programmes, both at public service and JSE-listed corporates.

The former CEO of Careways, Kelly designed and implemented a successful business turnaround strategy for the organisation. Kelly holds extensive experience and knowledge in delivering strategic plans aligned to business growth, performance and operations. Including experience in human capital optimisation, customer relations and stakeholder management.

About Momentum Metropolitan Health

Momentum Metropolitan Health, part of the Health solutions business is a subsidiary of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings with a key strategic focus to support the achievement of financial wellness for public sector communities by enabling and delivering sustainable, integrated outcomes-based healthcare solutions.

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