About us


About us

Metropolitan Health, part of the Health solutions business is a subsidiary of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings with a key strategic focus to support the achievement of financial wellness for public sector communities by enabling and delivering sustainable, integrated outcomes-based healthcare solutions. We provide public sector medical schemes and employers with integrated solutions that maintain and improve the quality of healthcare for our clients and their members. Our purpose is to provide More health to More South Africans, for less, and to fully achieve this purpose, we leverage the strength of our solutions and our economies of scale to deliver high-quality administration and esteemed managed care capabilities which are proven to deliver improved health outcomes.

Unique and customised solutions

With extensive experience in providing the public sector with comprehensive solutions, we pride ourselves on understanding the value of integrating the healthcare value chain from an employer and a scheme perspective and have the proven capabilities to provide unique and customised solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Maintain exceptional financial performance


A purpose driven organization

As a business born from the merger between two industry leaders, Momentum and Metropolitan, our Health business has access to a wide range of administration and health risk management capabilities that allow us to deliver on our purpose – offering more health to more South Africans for less. We offer integrated medical scheme administration and managed care services, coupled with complementary product solutions that serve to incentivise and reward healthy behaviour. Our actuarial services support the design and pricing of sustainable benefits linked to incentive and rewards programmes that encourage members to engage in healthy lifestyles.

Given the importance of health, being not only a physical state but similarly dependent on mental well-being and the environment, our wellness solutions are tailor-made towards supporting employers and employees to achieve holistic wellness and, consequently, high productivity levels. Our solutions connect the needs of the employer with the aspirations of the medical scheme by integrating occupational health and workplace wellness services with the medical scheme disease management capability and by offering insights into risk and engagement levers that protect the bottom line. Additionally, our niche occupational hygiene unit provides employers with tangible surveillance and health and safety compliance solutions.

Our clients include the largest restricted medical scheme in South Africa, the fastest growing open medical scheme in South Africa, and a number of restricted schemes linked to blue-chip corporate brands and state-owned enterprises (SOEs). We provide members with access to affordable networks of healthcare providers that deliver quality care. Be it access to Hello Doctor, our 24-hour medical advice line, or our contracted doctor networks incentivised to deliver quality care, members are assured of convenient choice.

 Latest developments in the industry


Healthcare equipped for the future

Our Hello Doctor offering represents a best-of-breed solution to enabling greater access to healthcare for all South Africans through both smart- and feature phones. A USSD-code facility enables filtering of symptoms to ensure prompt call-backs are tailored to best advice from a healthcare professional most suited to assist.

In addition, we have invested in the development of a number of machine-learning models that predict the likelihood of a number of events occurring as a result of service issues, e.g. repeat correspondence, member complaints and resignations. These algorithms allow for insights driven, proactive interventions to address service issue root causes prior to an event materialising in a form of a complaint or resignation.

System analysis and reporting allows interrogation of the nature and root causes of complaints to mitigate against the top complaints drivers and reduce the number of complaints. Customisable dashboards allow for effective complaint and SLA tracking, as well as staff management.

Maintain exceptional financial performance


Shareholding that underpins our purpose

The Health business of Momentum Metropolitan recently announced a new partnership to improve healthcare for all South Africans. To create this purpose-driven partnership, prominent labour unions, as well as credible, industry-leading individual business leaders now have a sizeable shareholding in the Health business. The objective of this partnership is to bring together a leading group of stakeholders who have the same positive intent and required skills to uniquely solve for a better future for our society, by improving our healthcare industry. This collaboration with major labour unions and black industry leaders, together with our company’s capabilities and management competence, gives us the ability to work together to create more health for more people for less. Essentially, we are gearing up to enable universal access to healthcare for all South Africans.