Healthy workplace

A healthcare professional in consultation with an employee.

Occupational health, safety and environmental services

Momentum Wellness are experts in employee wellness and a provider of occupational hygiene services in South Africa.

  • Evaluate workplace conditions to assess if conditions could harmfully affect the health of your employees.
  • Interpret these evaluations and provide recommendations to alleviate potential occupational health risks to employees.

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Occupational hygiene surveys and assessments

Control measures recommended during assessments and surveys are aimed at protecting employee health, lowering healthcare and social costs, increasing life expectancy, reducing absenteeism, and increasing productivity.

Types of assessments and surveys

Illustration of a factory with a clipboard that has a tick marked on it after a successful environmental assessment.

Environmental assessments

Illustration of a safety sign with a tick marked on it after a successful health and safety assessment.

Health and safety assessments

Illustration of a factory worker wearing a hardhat with a clipboard that has a tick marked on it after a successful occupational hygiene assessment.

Occupational hygiene assessments

A doctor in a white coat with a stethoscope around her neck, in her consulting rooms, writing notes in a patient file.

Occupational health services

Our occupational health services are customised to meet the needs of employers.

  • Identification and prevention of healthcare risks to employees in alignment with relevant workplace health legislation and regulations.
  • Enable employers to make informed decisions by providing them with information on occupational health-related issues concerning their employees.

Key components of our occupational health service offering

Illustration of a quill pen and document.

All occupational health legal requirements are successfully met

Illustration of a warning sign on documents indicating a risk.

Early risk identification and management measures are put in place

llustration of a document with a heart and tick mark next to it indicating a healthy employee.

Employees are fit for duty

Illustration of a magnifying glass over a warning sign.

Risk insights and management

Occupational health and medical surveillance services

Occupational health risk assessments and medical surveillance programmes are undertaken at our onsite wellness clinics to ensure minimal employee work downtime, while achieving maximum cost savings for the employer.

Types of medicals and healthcare services

Illustration of a healthy heartbeat.

Provision of occupational risk-based medical surveillance and examinations

Illustration of a doctor’s stethoscope and heart.

Onsite primary healthcare services

Illustration of a magnifying glass looking at a warning sign to inspect if there are any medical issues.

Preventative healthcare services

Illustration of a pill and medicine box.

Management of chronic conditions

Illustration of a clipboard with 2 plasters over it in the shape of an X.

Management of emergencies, including injuries on duty

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For a free assessment of your occupational health business needs, speak to your financial adviser or email [email protected] and a corporate wellness consultant will call you back.

A productive employee busy sticking sticky notes onto a glass wall.

Productivity management

Employers are seeing positive results when combining their employee benefits and workplace health strategies in a holistic approach to employee wellbeing.

By proactively working with employees there’s a direct knock-on effect in productivity, happiness, and health in the workplace.

Key components of our productivity management offering

Illustration of an information sign with a finger pointing to 3 boards to indicate preventative action steps to take.


Identify potential problems and advise on action steps to stop problems arising.

Illustration of a stack of dominoes falling down.


Taking action to prevent problems affecting employees.

Illustration of a policy document.


Put adequate policies in place to support employees and make them available to employees.

Illustration of a clock timer and documentation.


the financial impact of lost productive work time.

Illustration of The Momentum Employee Effective Index next to a pair of reading glasses.

Provide research insights

on improving, measuring, and quantifying employee wellness from the Momentum Employee Effective Index.