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A state of wellness impacts all spheres of our lives – emotional, physical, mental and financial, and therefore also directly impacts productivity in the workplace. That is why we offer solutions that enhance wellness and proactive intervention that serve both to drive costs down as well as enable early detection and improved health outcomes for our clients and their employees.

Executive Wellness

Considering the fast pace and stress associated with running a business, our executive wellness assessments are just another way of supporting you with pro-active and real-time measurements of illness and how they affect wellness. The executive assessments can be conducted onsite nationally or at our medical facilities and are done by our specialist medical advisers and a comprehensive multi-disciplinary team.

  • General medical
    This is a standardised executive medical assessment including a risk questionnaire, pathology (blood tests), vitals risk assessment, general medical, stress ECG, lung function, and pulse oximetry.
  • Functional wellness assessment
    This is a specialised assessment of cardiac function. A device called the CardioSleeve; assesses the automomic nervous system by using the Omegawave to measure stress recovery and adaptation reserves systems.
  • Brain performance
    A specialised assessment of brain performance is done using a Neurozone Assessment and Omegawave DC Potential assessment of the brain.
  • RightEye
    In just minutes, RightEye’s patented technology measures visual skills and provides critical insights into health. It does this by monitoring eye movements which uncovers vision and health issues. It is further able to monitor recovery from brain injury; assess performance vision and monitor improvements. It provides objective instant reports with visualisations and precise metrics.
  • Functional muscle movement and muscle activation
    A specialised muscle activation and movement assessment utilised in sports medicine.
  • Nutrition
    A scientifically-based, dietician developed nutritional assessment and Inbody body composition analysis.

Employee Assistance Programme

Members have access to confidential, multilingual and multi-disciplined services, via a dedicated toll free contact centre, including the following telephonic counselling services:

  • Stress, anxiety, depression and other health issues
  • Marital, divorce and relationship counselling
  • Family and parenting counselling
  • Death of a loved one counselling
  • Trauma counselling
  • Alcohol abuse and drug dependencies
  • Financial and legal advice

Where to access our services?

With over 20 years of experience, Momentum OCSA has the ability to engage and guide employers to solve their specific health requirements and integrate all occupational health and wellness efforts.

Metropolitan Health also offers comprehensive health and wellness solutions to employees of both the public and private sector through tailored and integrated products. We believe that a thriving business relies on the good health of its employees.

Hello Doctor

Hello Doctor is a mobile phone-based advice application that allows confidential communication with a medical doctor 24/7.

Hello Doctor provides advice to members in real time 24/7/365. It is possible to increase access to medical doctors and health education, without impacting productivity at the workplace. Potential health risks are therefore not only identified, but also immediately addressed through the one device that is always with you – your phone.